Dead Bookstore


Series 1

The 12 sheets in Series 1 represent an inhuman approach to culture and aesthetics. Crops and juxtapositions I could never have considered, sometimes so beautiful they read as new truths.

There seems to be a machine voice that runs beneath the surface of print. Statements hidden in plain sight, massive printing presses injecting their perspective into the folds of the industry.

The process of finding them is addictive, fascinating. Spines are broken, stitches cut, staples straightened. One by one books are deconstructed, sheets unfolded, examined and stacked. Nothing’s thrown away: disembodied covers in one pile, loose pages in another, beautiful evidence scanned and sorted and put on display.

It feels like an honor to be working at the end of one era and the beginning of another. If print is dead then it's the internet that killed it, and so it seems necessary that Dead Bookstore is about both. My goal is to transform and exploit the remains of the print industry, a deconstruction and opportunity centuries in the making.


Art, design and code by Ben Pieratt. Contact via email. With many thanks to Kaplan, Zhuk and Kristen for the help.

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Ben Pieratt is a designer, entrepreneur and emerging artist. Most known for his work as CEO and designer of the landmark fashion site (RIP), Ben blurs the line between business and art through such projects as Hessian, a brand for sale, and Business Model, a retail satire. His work has been featured in such publications as Wired, Forbes, People, and GQ.

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